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Monday, December 25, 2006

What is most certainly high frequency hearing loss and tinnitis

A hizzing in the ears is best described as all those perception caused by sound in our absence of any acoustic stimulus.

As you hear those ear ringing noises, be they stress, jingling in the ears, hissing, gentle hissing and/or rushing noises sounds in the ears, one are thought to be as a result of experiencing high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus. Those millions of sounds, which every you experiences somewhat differently, could well be subjective. i.e. only a person can hear them.

They cannot be heard by anyone else and or NO, one are certainly not going crazy!

Hearing loss and tinnitus is found in most people at certain time in their lives, however more 17% created by the one's general population suffers quite badly as a result of hearing loss and tinnitus. Some 12 million American people could well be so acutely damaged by a whistling in the ears that they are thought to be as a result of unable to function commonly.

They could well be unable to live predominant lives, visit work, just can't sleep, and or suffer seriously as a result of stress, anxiety and long periods of depression. Most ent's agree that more than 66 million American people suffer as a result of tinnitus of certain sort.